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DogShower Black

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The less stress, less mess DogShower! Developed to make live for both dog owners and their dogs easier. hansgrohe DogShower was developed by shower experts together with dog owners, groomers and dog psychologists in order to provide an enjoyable dog shower experience. With soft water sprays and massage nozzles, your next dog shower is now easier than ever: #petyourdogclean with hansgrohe DogShower.


Product features

The DogShower has three jet types (paw jet, leg jet and fur jet), which can be selected via the Select button. The water brake is used to throttle the water when the shower is released. This prevents water pressure from developing in the hose.


Fur jet

From a total of 74 pleasant stroking nubs, the fur jet is promoted over a large area to effectively rinse shampoo and dirt residues from the coat. 

Leg spray

To flexibly reach any part of the body, the leg jet precisely fulfills its purpose for use on front and hind legs.