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hansgrohe DogShower

“After our mission “dirty dog“ I tested the @furly_dogshower. For thick long fur a real relief during washing! The nozzles make it easy to rinse and brush dirt and foam out of the fur. With furly dog showering really became more pleasant for both of us.”


“We were able to test the @hansgrohe_dogshower and are so excited! Thanks to the nozzles, the fur quickly gets completely wet. Dog showering has never been easier! Even my husband is thrilled and was amazed at how quickly Laila‘s thick fur got wet and how well we “brushed“ the shampoo out of it! We can definitely recommend furly dogshower!“


“I‘m absolutly thrilled. Yuki has very thick fur, so our normal shower head was too weak for showering him. There were always shampoo residues in his fur. Furly is the perfect solution. With the mono jet you can perfectly clean the face or the paws. For the rest of the body I used the fur spray. I was able to clean Yuki‘s fur from shampoo super easily. I am very happy with it, because it makes washing so much easier for us. By the way, the installation of the shower head also is very easy and done in less than a minute.”



“With the special shower head and the long silicone nozzles the undercoat of your dog is getting wet very quickly.“


“The ‚furly‘ shower head from @hansgrohe_dogshower makes dog washing a lot easier. It was especially developed for dog showering and not only helps to throughly rinse the dirt out of the fur. Due to the simple handling you can switch between the three different spray types while holding your dog at the same time.“

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