Blog - Basic equipment

Nowadays dogs are part of the family and they want only the best for their four-legged friends, so that they feel comfortable and a harmonious relationship can be maintained. Prospective dog owners sometimes only think about buying the dog and the food. However, dogs need a basic equipment so that the daily challenges can be solved and mastered. A difference is made here between basic equipment and optional accessories.

As a rule of thumb, the basic equipment consists of the following items:


  • feeding and drinking bowl

  • dog leash

  • dog bed

  • fur brush

  • toys

  • transport box

  • medicine chest

A good bite also requires a good bowl of food and drink
As basic equipment, there always should be one food and one drink bowl. It should be considered that these are made of stainless steel or ceramics, because they are heat-resistant and must be washed with warm water. Plastic bowls can get softer with hot water which makes it easier for germs and bacteria to adhere. For other characteristics the weight, height and diameter of the fillable volume should be considered. Dogs can sometimes eat "wildly" from the bowl, so it is advisable to use a bowl with an extra weight, so that they cannot be pushed away immediately when they eat and the dog has to keep following. A bowl underlay also makes sense to prevent this problem. Of course the diameter for the fillable volume should be selected as well as the height of the bowl according to the size of the dog, in order to avoid an under- or oversizing. If several dogs are kept in the household, each dog should have its own food and drinking bowl to avoid fights.
Can it be at the beginning without a leash?

Young dogs, who have little life experience, react attentively to unknown sounds, objects or other animals and see two options: Run away or run after them! However, a leash should already be considered at a young dog's age to prevent inexperienced dogs from running away or running after them. For example, drivable roads are a big risk for the dog's life. Leashes with a short length are especially suitable to control dogs strongly. They are especially useful when dog owners walk with their dogs in crowded places, so that they are always close to the owner. As material leashes are often selected of leather or nylon, because they show a high durability and life time.

Sleep well in your bed

For the well-being of dogs, a bed, basket or pillow is very important to help them recover their strength after a hard day. A place where they can withdraw is extremely important. In the best case, several places of withdrawal should be set up to ensure a free choice. If several dogs are kept in one household, it is absolutely necessary to provide at least one separate sleeping place for each dog. Because every dog has different preferences. So one dog may stretch out while another one rolls itself in its basket to a "ball".

"A brushed dog is a beautiful dog!"

Care is the most important thing for dogs. Dogs cannot always groom themselves, so dog owners must take care of them. Whether paw, eye, mouth or coat care, only if the optimal care fits, the four-legged friends can feel well and healthy.

The coat care is one of the most important jobs of a dog owner. However, there are some details to consider. Regular combing and brushing of the dog's coat encourages fur growth and removes dirt and unwanted objects. Combing and brushing also has a special secondary effect, because it can strength the bond between dog and man.

A dog fur brush can be used for this. These are available in different variations, for long and short hair. The comb function is already used in some dog showers. Through the combination of comb and water, the coat can be effectively cleaned and groomed down to the undercoat.

fur brush.jpg
Toys for young and old

Dog toys are very useful toys especially for puppies at a young age but also for older dogs. In this way they communicate playfully with humans and the human-dog relationship is getting stronger and stronger.

Dogs and humans should generally engage in possible sporting activities such as running, jogging etc. This improves health and keeps people fit. In addition, sports activities also helps to create a balance between body and soul.

There is a countless variety of dog toys. From round to square, from hard to soft and from noiseless to squeaky toys. There is something for everyone. Dogs sometimes also show whether they like their toys or not by chewing on them, throwing them around and/or running after them. Therefore it makes sense to keep an eye on whether the four-legged friends are satisfied with their toy or whether they have lost interest in it.

Around the world

If dogs and humans are travelling by car or "only" to the veterinarian, the safety of all passengers must be ensured. Due to the law, it is even generally forbidden to transport dogs unsecured in the passenger seat. There is a high danger of safety for dog and humans.


Transport boxes can help to significantly increase safety when travelling by car. Among other things, they also offer enough fixing options so that they cannot slide around in curves. An important point when buying a transport box is its size. It should be big enough so that the animals can stretch out in it.

Furthermore, it should also be placed on an underlay so that the four-legged friends can make themselves comfortable while driving. A normal blanket can be used for this and a dog toy can be used to prevent the dogs from getting bored.