Hello dog owners and furry noses

We are revolutionizing dog washing


Hallo Hundebesitzer und Fellnasen 

Welcome to the Hansgrohe DogShower website. Here everything revolves around the right care of your fur nose. Find out more about our solution for a more relaxed dog shower and find out where you can buy our Hansgrohe DogShower.

We revolutionize dogshowers


Stressfreie Hundedusche

Goodbye bad conscience!

The dog shower succeeds with 3 gentle jet types and stroking nozzles.

Healthy skin & well-groomed fur

Thanks to the water-bearing brush, the dog's skin gets quickly wet, dirt and shampoo gets reliably washed out

“After our mission “dirty dog“ I tested the @furly_dogshower. For thick long fur a real relief during washing! The nozzles make it easy to rinse and brush dirt and foam out of the fur. With furly dog showering really became more pleasant for both of us.”


Product details

Gentle, long stroking nozzles for reliable rinsing of shampoo and dirt residues from the fur.


The Select button can be used to switch between the leg spray, paw jet and fur jet.


The water pressure can be set individually with the Water Boost. This can prevent water pressure from developing in the hose.